Note: While these rules are essential and should be followed at all times, they are completely open to debate. If you ever find a rule or punishment unfair, please inform a staff member, and we'll do our best to fix the problem!

General Rules

  • Respect all members of the site, especially the staff.
  • Vulgar language is not permitted, with the exceptions of damn, crap, and hell. Using * in place of letters and acronyms including the first letter of prohibited words are allowed.
  • Only one account is permitted per member. If found to have more than one account, one will be deleted and the intact account will be given a 3-day suspension.
  • No bullying will be tolerated. This includes flaming, provocation, trolling, causing fights, gossiping, and discrimination.
  • Members should be active. If an account has no posts for two months without sufficient reason, that account will be deleted.
  • Pornographic material is not tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Forum posts may not be above the default size. Smaller font is permitted.
  • Do not publicly reveal identifying information, including but not limited to: full name, location more specific than city, school, names of family members, social media pages, etc.
  • Signatures should be 10 lines long or under, and may not contain pictures or font sizes above default.
  • Discussion of illegal, violent, or age-restricted activities is prohibited.
  • Only one image is allowed on your profile. Said picture may not be a gif.
  • Do not steal artwork, which generally includes using or claiming art that doesn't belong to you.
  • Don't advertise other sites in any place other than the specified thread.

Roleplaying Rules

  • Your character cannot harm another's without prior permission from that roleplayer.
  • Powers, prophecies, and interaction with Starclan must first be approved by a staff member. You may only have one character with a power, unless previously approved, and this power must be approved by the staff before use.
  • "Detailed mating" is only allowed in pms, and only if all participating are okay with it.
  • There is currently a character limit of 15 characters, although this is likely to change.
  • Rape and suicide are allowed, although the former only in reference and in pms, but neither are light subjects and are not to be taken as such.
  • You are only permitted to roleplay your own characters.
  • Only cats my be roleplayed, and they cannot communicate with another type of animal through any means.
  • Roleplaying must be done in third person past or present tense.
  • Members must make an effort towards correct grammar and spelling- typos are understood, but it's frowned upon to make errors in every post. The same goes for length in posts- once in a while a short post is alright, but please try to keep them at least 4 sentences.
  • Double posting is permitted only if the previous post is at least 10 minutes old. Triple posting is allowed only if you need to add an OOC note.
  • Queens should be pregnant for 1 month [1 rotation]. The maximum amount of kits per litter is 8.
  • Kits cannot have romantic relations of any kind, including crushes. Apprentices may have crushes but not mates or kits.
  • Powerplaying [overpowering your character] is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • OOC messages should be indicated as such by being put between parenthesis or brackets.
  • Large-scale plot ideas that will effect a large amount of cats should first be verified by a staff member.
  • Contact a staff member to be possibly granted permission to create a group or gang apart from the main clans. We are not obligated to provide this permission.
  • Only former or current medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices may have herb knowledge beyond a few basic healing techniques- no exceptions.
  • On FCO, the events of the books never happened- please don't refer to them in roleplay.
  • Cats from the books may not be roleplayed. Your character may have the same name, or a similar personality, but they cannot be an exact copy.
  • No two warriors of the same clan are permitted to share the same name. in addition, high ranks' exact names cannot be shared, no matter the clan. This does not apply to medicine cat apprentices.
  • Names or appearances that are overly unrealistic are not permitted.

 Aging System

Rather than moons and uneven aging between roleplayers, FCO utilizes a system called rotations. Each rotation is equal to one month in real-time. There is no set amount of moons for each rotation, but feel free to interpret!

0-1 rotations- Kit

1-3 rotations- Apprentice

1-4 rotations- Medicine Cat Apprentice

4-11 rotations- Medicine Cat

3-11 rotations- Warrior/Deputy/Leader

11-12 rotations- Elder

12+ rotations- Death

Rotations have to do with when the character was posted on the creation thread, and ceremonies will be posted each monthly newsletter in addition to being done by the clan leader.


Crow- Site Owner

Frisk- Administrator

Draping- Administrator

Beau- Moderator

Dove- Moderator

High Ranks



Leader- Willowstar

Deputy- Open

Medicine Cat- Open

Medicine Cat Apprentice- None

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