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September Mewsletter

Posted by ~Crow~ on September 1, 2016 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (7)
Hello all FCO members!

The site is finally on track, with fifteen members- thanks so much for joining, guys! Roleplaying has begun in Willowclan, with most of the apprentices talking [and one straying to the sidelines], Willowstar and Halflight beginning a chat, and some warriors just relaxing in the last few days of greenleaf. Nothing big has happened yet, although plot planning is well underway, which will end with the creation of a new clan to rival Willowclan. 

On another note, Frisk and I, after lots of discussion [trust me xD] have decided on high ranks and staff members! This was a very long and hard decision, and although we're confident these people will do a great job! For the people who didn't get chosen, keep in mind that we may choose more staff members later on if we need help, and the creation of other clans will make more spots for high ranks!

Without further ado...

Deputy- Halflight {Beau}
Medicine Cat- Treesplash {Draping}
Draping, when you're ready to choose a medicine apprentice, pm me! c:

Administrator- Draping
Moderators- Beau and Dove

Congratulations to those chosen!

In addition, the month's ceremonies will be posted here, but will be performed separately by Willowstar.
Note: Every cat will age a rotation.

Deputy- Halflight
Medicine Cat- Treesplash
Warrior- Dovepaw

Grand Opening

Posted by ~Crow~ on August 28, 2016 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello all new FCO members! I'm happy to say the site is finally up and running!

I'm very excited, and hope this website will become a great community, where each cat has the potential to influence the world around it, and plots will shape the clans. I sincerely hope everyone enjoys this site as much as I already do!

That said, things are sure to be off at first, which is why the site is based so heavily around its members- suggestions! If you put a post in the suggestions thread, it could become a valuable addition to the site, and if something's not working right, please ask a staff member to help fix it.

I'm endlessly grateful to everyone who's already joined and will join in the future, as all of you are the reason this site exists.

There's just a couple of things we need for the site to get fully started, and these are staff members and high ranks! There's already one administrator, Frisk, but more will be needed to manage the site! In addition, there's only one clan at the moment [although that will soon change] and leader has already been taken, so I'll be a bit picky when choosing.

If you'd like a staff position, please message me {Crow} with this form filled out-
Activity level-
Reasons for wanting a staff position-
What you think you could bring to the team-
Previous staff experience-

If you'd like a high rank, please message me {Crow} with this form filled out-
Age {in rotations}-
Rank wanted-
Keep in mind that the medicine cat apprentice position may not be filled if I don't think any of the applications would fit well with the role and/or the current medicine cat!

Again, thank you all so much for even looking at this site, and I hope you're as excited as I am!

Site Owner <3